Our Services

Welcome to Scanwell Logistics UK's comprehensive range of logistics solutions. With our expertise, innovation, and global reach with hundreds of offices worldwide, we're here to meet your unique supply chain needs. Explore our diverse services designed to optimize your operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth.

Freight Forwarding

Navigate the complexities of international trade with our top-notch freight forwarding services. We offer air, sea, air/sea and road freight as well as courier solutions that seamlessly connect you to global markets. Whether it's time-sensitive cargo or bulk shipments, our experts ensure smooth and secure transit.

Customs Clearance

Say goodbye to customs hurdles. Our experienced customs clearance team understands the intricacies of regulations and paperwork, ensuring your shipments move swiftly through borders. We handle all the details, so you can focus on your business.

Warehousing and Distribution

Efficient warehousing and distribution are the cornerstones of a successful supply chain. Our state-of-the-art facilities and strategic partnerships ensure your goods are stored, managed, and delivered with precision and care.

E-Commerce Logistics

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, reliable logistics are a must. We specialize in e-commerce solutions that streamline order fulfilment, inventory management, and last-mile delivery, empowering your online business to thrive.

Project Cargo

When your shipments require specialized handling and coordination, our project cargo services shine. We manage complex, oversized, and high-value shipments with meticulous planning and execution.

Value-Added Services

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond logistics basics. We offer value-added services like packaging, labelling, assembly, and more, tailored to your unique requirements.

Supply Chain Consultation

Strategic insights can make all the difference. Our supply chain experts provide consultation to optimize your processes, identify cost-saving opportunities, and enhance overall efficiency.

Sustainability Initiatives

We're dedicated to responsible logistics. Our sustainability initiatives focus on eco-friendly practices, reducing carbon footprint, and contributing to a greener future for our planet.